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Ancient treasures, authentic passion

Gabriele Pintucci

Story of a passion for antiques

Dedication, integrity, and established experience in selecting and caring for authentic vintage treasures: transparency and integrity are the basis of our reputation, and that is why we value each item with the utmost care and respect.

The shop

Unique, special fine pieces

For more than 30 years, our antique store in Florence has been honestly and expertly buying precious antiques, reviving a bright new future in the hands of lovers of beauty.

We purchase only fine antiques from individuals, from high era to twentieth century design

Single items and entire collections, interior and exterior furnishings for apartments, villas, and gardens: furniture, paintings, sculptures, chests of drawers, sideboards, bookcases, tables, marble and wood carvings, paintings, mirrors, and various objects from all eras.

Do you own an antique piece of furniture or painting? Do you want to sell your antiques? Ask for an estimate!
 Gabriele Pintucci buys valuable furniture and art respecting the historical and artistic value it deserves. Immediate payment!

Honesty, fairness, good taste

Collectors, tourists, international dealers and interior designers fall in love with the selection of antique furniture.
The value of antiques crosses all boundaries: Gabriele Pintucci works with 3 logistics services to ship objects, furniture, paintings and antique sculptures all over the world!


Gabriele Pintucci became interested in the world of antiques thanks to his parents who introduced him to the beauty of painted furniture, a branch in which Gabriele has specialized over the years.


We are guardians of painted masterpieces and timeless pictorial wonders that tastefully enrich environments. Each work has been carefully selected for our clients.


Sculptures and Objects

Within the silence of materials, vintage objects tell distant stories and come alive again in different environments as creations of extraordinary artistry and craftsmanship.
Sculptures and Objects

Gabriele Pintucci antique store in Florence estimates and purchase antiques

Thanks to a careful selection of works during the buying process and his experience in the field, Gabriele Pintucci offers only quality antique objects and furniture.

How we work

Antique art: appraisals, estimates, and expert advice

Together with professionals of the trade, we make ourselves available for the total emptying of the property and handcrafted restoration of the highest standard for sculptures, furniture, paintings and antiques.

Where we are

The value of antiquity in the heart of Florence

Gabriele Pintucci began his experience in the world of antiques 32 years ago, up to the opening of his business in Florence, a stone’s throw from Piazza Santa Maria Novella: in fact, today the Antiquities store has over 200 square meters of exhibition space and a large warehouse, dedicated to fine antiques.

Antique store Florence

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Do you have an antique piece of furniture or painting? Do you want to sell your antiques? Ask for an estimate!