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The wide range of furniture offers a wide selection of authentic and functional works of art that enrich home and commercial spaces. Our antique store in Florence is a one-stop store for individuals, tourists and interior design professionals who want to create unique and charming spaces with period furniture.

We know that choosing high-quality furniture can completely transform a room, and we are here to offer a personalized buying experience and professional support.
Gabriele Pintucci

Wide range of antique painted furniture

Furniture, beauty and history

In the wake of his father’s passion, Gabriele Pintucci has specialized in antique painted furniture and reproductions, and their restoration, always seeking the highest quality and authenticity.Each piece of furniture is unique and valuable, with a distinctive and fitting character for every need.
With distinctive styles from 15th-century to modern design, from the evocative charm of dressers and chests of drawers to the fascinating hues of canteries and flapboards, our collections also include cabinets, closets, trumeaus, bookcases, tables, chairs and armchairs, consoles, desks, display cases, corner cabinets, and bedside tables.

Selection of unique and special furniture

Aesthetics, value and quality

Antiquities Gabriele Pintucci is always looking for valuable, special furniture with a history that can come back to life years and centuries later.

We purchase from individuals in Italy and abroad both single items and whole collections of high value, to be restored and carefully stored in our warehouse before display in the store.

We buy your Antiques

Are you in possession of an antique piece of furniture or painting? Do you want to sell your antiques? Ask for an estimate!
Gabriele Pintucci buys furniture and valuable pieces of art while observing the historical and artistic value they deserve. Pagamento immediato!


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We restore antique furniture back to its original glory

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