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Gabriele Pintucci

The passion for the world of antiques
I became interested in the world of Antiques thanks to my parents, growing up among painted furniture and antique paintings. I believe that representations of the past can find new space, new interest, and new life in today’s environments.
Gabriele Pintucci

Timeless charm

Variety of portraits, themes and painting techniques

Our collection of antique paintings covers a broad spectrum of time, from high-era masterpieces to the most important exponents of 20th-century painting.
The wide variety of themes depicted in our paintings and antique paintings responds to the tastes of our clients, whether they are individuals, tourists, decorators or businesses: still lifes enhance the beauty of details, religious themes evoke spirituality and devotion, and landscapes transport the viewer to wonderful natural visions.We also offer a selection of portraits that capture the expression and personality of the subjects.

Precious Authenticity

Guarantee of quality and emotion

The uniqueness of an ancient work of art enriches the environment and evokes deep emotions in the observer. Through valuable collaborations with experts in the field of art and conservation, we guarantee the actual quality of the work and its value.
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Antique art furniture for walls of spacious rooms

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Antique paintings

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